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Friday, 3 February 2017

Elvis Presley: The Great Performances - RCA BMG 74321436022 (EU 1990)

Small story behind this CD. We had a Russian Fuck Marc who wanted 3 CD's back for this old release.
We not need you or your kind. Go suck off Vladimir

For our good friend Marc (Real Flac)


  1. Its a simple cd release,nothing special that i know.

  2. russian guy should think it was in gold for he wanted 3 cds to trade this one we have in many editions

  3. Thankyou Marc my friend for this one

  4. @Amsroos and Maxou , you must be kidding me my friends in what you say
    The Russian fan wanted how many cds for this title (3 ) you say ha ha ha ha
    He needs to ''Find Out What's Happening" lol 😂 that's made my day now - I'm laughing my socks off here my friends -
    Enjoy your weekend

    Please check your emails soon for more material from me ty👍

  5. hey many times do i need to tell ya im not russian..ive lived my whole life in the good ol USA!!! as for asking for 3 cds in return for sending you the great performer, well ur not getting the whole picture..obviously the old elvis title from 1990 probably isnt even worth trading a single title for..the reason i asked for 3 was cause i took the time after downloading this title to check to make sure that it was a legit flac recording..something you should of done urself but chose not too..i brought it to ur attention that not only wasnt it real flac but it was actually mp3 at was the work that i did that i felt i deserved 3 cds for..not for the cd itself..i know you were able to find a replacement right away but if you had been running the blog properly by checking to make sure that ur getting real flacs then this whole situation would never of occured in the first instead of balling me out you should be thanking me for helping you out and basicly doing what you should of done urself..

  6. hey vladimir how many cds did you grab and shared shit in return ? go and suck Donald's dick

  7. Go get him Maurice - that's the same thing I'd ask that freak- Vladimir (puma) or whoever the hell are you - Just for your information - you creep on this site asking for three cds right - for what - that's question 1 -
    Q2- what gives you the audacity to dictate terms here to my friends Maurice and Amsroos - by stating that you need to be rewarded for the work you put in

    Just take a deep breath and speak sense in future ok- It could be "HardLuck" if you don't get the answers that you may be looking for

    Q3-"How Can You Lose What You're Looking For" now that's a question I'd like to put to you Puma (Vladimir ) lmao 😂
    As a fan I must be seeing pigs 🐷 fly above me - please state where they are
    I see no post from you yet

    Hey puma (Vladimir ) you must be joking for asking for three cds in xchange for one -
    Hey live in this ''Wonderful World" and get real and Get A "Life"

    "Don't "be a"Fool" - for it will be "A Matter Of Time" that your luck runs out -

    Looking at the circumstances on this thread it's "Surely But Slowly" running out
    Just a bit of "Sound Advice" from me

    Please think carefully before you ask "Such An Easy Question" in future Vladimir (Puma)
    I sure would love to see outcome to this query in future
    Post note 📝
    @ Amsroos and Maxou and to all my friends here - I've stunned Puma (Vladimir ) I'm sure now by asking him the reasons behind his enquiry ha ha ha lmao 😂 my socks off here my friends
    Enjoy your weekend stay safe now 👍