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Friday, 10 February 2017

Elvis Presley Get Down And Dirty de Luxe 40th Anniversary Edition 2CD (15 07 1970 Rehearsal) - Gravelroad Music GR CD 7006-2 (2010)

From our good friend Marc

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  1. Many thanks Marc for this title
    The summer of '70 bought some great Rehearsals from Elvis as he rehearsed for his upcoming show @ Vegas

    These Rehearsals took place on July -14th to 16th and July 24th '70 at Culver City in California -

    Elvis looks tanned up and slim as he rehearsed for his upcoming show.
    Vegas was the only way that attracted many business men and fans who travelled from all round the world to see the King perform on stage -

    The revenues at Vegas shot up especially when Elvis was in town at the International Hotel later named the Hilton Hotel

    Conrad Hilton signed Elvis for six years in total from July 31st '69 to December 12th '76

    The seven years he played at Vegas were great at first but by the end of the seventies - Vegas turned out to be a prison to him especially in '75 and '76 😊
    All Elvis saw was the stage and the penthouse suite he lived in 😎
    Thanks for this one Marc πŸ‘Œ
    That's the way it is was turning point for Elvis as he strode the stage like a panther or a tiger man πŸ‘
    πŸ‘‘Long Live The King πŸ‘‘