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Monday, 6 February 2017

Elvis Presley Elvis in Concert - RCA BMG 74321146932 (Germany 1993)

From our good friend Marc

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  1. Even tho the June tours of June 19th and 21st '77 were a sad memory to most fans including us - His voice never diminished and he still had the charisma to most fans who witnessed these shows - Personally as a long term fan I wish they never filmed these shows as it's a sad time for Elvis who looked very sick and tired from doing the tours -
    RCA officials and the Colonel decided to film this to get more revenue in ,I feel from record sales during this period of Elvis's life
    Many may argue and have their own opinions to this
    I respect that - but what I think should have happened was for Elvis to take a long rest from touring and getting better in his health
    Well this is part of his legacy here on this Cd that Marc has kindly shared with us
    I/ we all thank you my friend
    Enjoy your week

    Long Live The King 👑