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Friday, 6 January 2017

Elvis Presley 10 11 1971 ES One Night Only - Madison CWP 13 (2006)

From our friend Mike; Complete artwork


  1. Tyvm 😊for this Mike - It's a brilliant show during the '71 tour
    Elvis sounds great on this concert
    πŸ‘‘Long Live The King πŸ‘‘

  2. This great show is from Boston Garden in Massachusetts on November 11th 1971
    The year before he played on November 11th 1970 at the Memorial Colliseum at Portland Oregon and this show is on a great title entitled Storm Over Portland which is on the Live Archives label from 1991 πŸ‘

    1. Don't you mean November 10 Ronny. You write number 11? This concert was in 1970. I get a bit confused now ???

  3. Amsroos no this shown is from 1971

  4. @Amsroos yes i did mean November 11th 1971 my friend _ In November 11th 1970 he played at Portland Oregon my friend - Ok - hope this sorts out the confusion _ have a great weekend Amsroos and Maxou and all members _