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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Elvis Presley The Ultimate Consumer PCDC (Picture Compact Disc Collection) Collectors Collection 10 CD Set Club Records (REQUEST)

This Is A Request ( don't know the meaning of request ? Look Up In The Dictionary) Now you Know

Do Not Ask for the Link !!!!

Request THIS 10 CD Set ,  you Have It And want to Share or trade send an email to


Details :

Elvis Presley Let's be friends - Pickwick Camden CAS 2408 (Only For Trading)

Rip and Scans From Amsroos

Something To Trade for ? Email To

Elvis Presley Rebooked at the international

From Leon Smith

Elvis Presley 1954-1956 - The Louisiana Hayride Archives - Branson Gold (1996

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Elvis ,Presley The Voice Of The King - The Elvis Interviews

from Sivle G


Elvis Presley The Teen age Rage

From Sivle G


Elvis Presley Spin-in...Spinout (PaperSleeve).(some boots are made from mp3 source we are not responsible for that)

from Sivle G


Elvis presley sings Beatles Songs (PaperSleeve)

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Elvis Presley Especially For You (PaperSleeve)

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Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel with Bonus

from Sivle G
                        Infos :

Elvis Presley Girls! Girls! Girls! [Vinyl] - LPM-2621 LP

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Elvis Presley From The Waist Up GA-150 Vinyl LP

from Uncle Gil  :